US agrees not to bring in nukes into the Philippines

By Raissa Robles - Manila and Washington are CLOSE to signing an agreement that will see more American troops, more planes and warships but no nukes coming into the Philippines in what both sides euphemistically call “expanded military presence.” Today, after the eighth round of talks – a far cry from the acrimonious talks that were held in the 1990s to renew the presence of US military bases – both sides agreed to “key points.”

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Supreme Court has “truly watered down the RH Law”, says CBCP President

By Raissa Robles - The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines President, Archbishop Socrates B. Villages, issued today the statement below to "encourage our Catholic faithful to maintain respect and esteem for the Supreme Court."

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Robbing poor farmers is the real crime Senators Enrile, Revilla & Estrada are being accused of

Pork gang by Vincent Trinidad

Just my opinion as an ex-Senate reporter by Raïssa Robles - Former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, former Senate President pro tempore Jinggoy Estrada and Senator Bong Revilla are all multi-millionaires. Today they stand accused of the lowest of crimes any politician or government official can commit - pocketing funds supposed to go to the poorest of the poor. By Raïssa Robles

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Philippine government IS worried over China’s tech control of power grid


Peace deal reminds me of jazz & gamelan By Raïssa Robles - A security analyst in the Philippine military told me last year they were worried over two things in the face of the worsening conflict between Beijing and Manila over the South China Sea.

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US admiral explains how US’ newest recon plane is searching for missing Malaysian airline

By Raïssa Robles The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is also a way for the United States to test its latest piece of equipment – the P-8 Poseidon – “a militarized version” of the civilian Boeing 737 that can play multiple roles -- one of them electronic intelligence and surveillance.

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President Aquino can run in 2016, without amending the Constitution

Analysis by Raissa Robles - There are now reports of a possible team up of Vice President Jejomar Binay with Governor-actress Vilma Santos in 2016. Or Binay with a prominent businessman as his running mate. This is probably the start of a season where we will see various strange combinations floated about. In this context, let me let me throw in a possible combination: that Aquino could run for vice president. And I don't mean Kris, as some are suggesting.

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