Watching people now watching the #PacquiaoMayweather fight – the Flight of the Century?


Just my opinion by Raïssa Robles - I have a confession to make. I have never watched any of the fights of Manny Pacquiao, although I consider him a great boxer. And I've seen clips of his fight. I can't bear watching a blood sport, I guess. The frenzy, the excitement and the violence transports me back to the Roman times of the gladiators. Which is why the place where they are fighting now is so aptly named - the Arena.

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Farewell to my ex-neighbor, Dolphy


By Raïssa Robles Yes, Dolphy was my former neighbor when I was a kid growing up on Ubay Street in Quezon City. The entire neighborhood knew that the big house at the street corner was the “Quizon compound” and the father was “the famous comedian Dolphy”. I was very usisera even as a child. Sometimes I would stand across the […]

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The Internet is a generous place

Funny - Fire Oct 1-11

  By Raïssa Robles One of the “things” I love about the Internet is how millions of strangers around the world share their thoughts and ideas for free. And Facebook and Twitter make all that sharing easy – with the speed of thought. Hate can spread so swiftly. But so can love and fun. Like this one below. I first […]

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