National Police Commission official asks netizens to do a very dangerous thing


By Raïssa Robles Today I heard National Police Commission vice chairman Eduardo Escueta ask netizens to please snap photos of ongoing crimes or suspicious activities and post these on the Internet. This was after the photo below was posted online and went "viral". It resulted in the arrest of two cops whom Napolcom suspected to be among the nine policemen behind the highway robbery that a stranger happened to snap. Now the Napolcom - the police force' disciplinary agency - wants netizens to help fight crime. This is very dangerous...

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Let’s start making mayors & governors accountable for crime in their areas


By Raïssa Robles Early this morning, five young men ages 20 to 23 were walking on a bridge when gunmen on two motorbikes shot them dead. The morning news shows on TV and radio quickly phoned senior police officers for updates. NO ONE called the mayors of Makati City and Pasay City to press them for their comment, since the […]

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Policing the Police


[I would like to share this article which remains relevant today, although written over a year ago by Alan Robles. I would like to thank D+C, the monthly publication funded by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, for allowing me to publish this.] The police’ official motto is “we serve and protect”. Filipinos might well ask – whom? By […]

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Star witness in Ramgen Revilla murder prompts probe of victim’s four siblings

Janelle cropped pic

  Read Janelle Manahan’s reply-affidavit   My exclusive – by Raïssa Robles Left to die, Janelle Manahan summoned all her will and strength to text her family for help. In this gripping eyewitness account of her own attempted murder and the slaying of her live-in partner Ramgen Revilla, young aspiring model-actress Janelle Manahan narrates the events that changed her life […]

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Ramona sketches out Ramgen Revilla’s murder

Revilla - Ramons Revilla FB page

Read her signed counter-affidavit By Raïssa Robles Ramona Revilla is the only other living witness – besides girlfriend Janelle Manahan – to the murder of Ramgen Revilla on October 28, 2011. She submitted a 13-page counter-affidavit to the Philippine consulate in Ankara, Turkey last November 24. It is understandably short on details since the police has tagged her as an […]

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Ram Revilla murder: Tale of the 2 ‘idiot’ killers

Francis and Michael

  Read the actual documents By Raïssa Robles If Carlo J. Caparas, the king of massacre movies, were to make a film out of the Ram Revilla murder, an apt title would be – “God help me, the killers I hired are idiots,” my hubby Alan said. This was after he heard me giggling at times and expressing disbelief while reading […]

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