The dark side of Jejomar Binay

Just my opinion by Raïssa Robles - The human rights lawyer and 2016 presidential candidate Jejomar Binay wants Filipinos to "move on" from crying out against the injustice and atrocities committed by the Marcos dictatorship, because he said, anyway, Marcos is dead. No member of the family - three of whom were also government officials during the dictatorship - has apologized for ANYTHING. Not the abuses. Not the plunder. Nothing. As someone on Facebook said, Anakin has completely gone over to the dark side.

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Plunder a la king and other yummy Marcos dishes 

To remember the most famous celebrant this September – Ferdinand Edralin “William Saunders” & "Fred" Marcos – and his declaration of Martial Law, I asked my hubby Alan to whip up some recipes since he's a wizard in the kitchen. Alan obliged and came up with four dishes. I said “more”. And he came up with another one. Here they are:

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Senator Bongbong Marcos exploits news gap to project himself for the presidency

USE THIS - 2016 Elections UPDATES June 8-15

By Raïssa Robles - July is usually a month when Congress reporters hardly have anything to write about because our honorable legislators are on recess (read – vacationing abroad). Some lawmakers use this lull to try to grab media attention. As an example, look at Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos. His spin doctors are no doubt telling him that this year, he should project himself on the national stage, with an eye on next year’s presidential election.

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Thank you readers, for sharing my Ph Daily Inquirer piece on the Marcoses 11,500 times

Just my opinion By Raïssa Robles I had not expected this. I thought few would be interested in reading about the Marcoses at a time when the Binays are the hot topic. To all those who shared and read my piece, I would like to thank them all. One thing the Internet has done for writers is to give us almost instant reader feedback. Until I started this blog, I had been used to writing in isolation. But as I said, I wasn't expecting that many people to read it. I thought it would be treated as just a period piece to mark a dark anniversary.

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Thank you, Letty Magsanoc for asking me to write on the Marcoses for the Inquirer

Si Marahas at Mapurot

Out of the blue, Fe Zamora texted me last Sunday. Philippine Daily Inquirer editor-in-chief Letty Jimenez-Magsanoc wanted me to write a piece on the Marcoses. Could I make the tight deadline? Sure, I said. Because it was a chance to share with the non-digital audience my research and interviews on the Marcos era. The result was a 2,487-word piece that appeared today in the newspaper edition and on the Inquirer website.

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An Obama tale too delicious not to tell


The state dinner for POTUS was delicious. The guest list was something else. It was so weird that my hubby Alan just had to write it for South China Morning Post. Here is his story: Guess who came to dinner: Obama's Philippines reception featured a colourful cast - By Alan Robles

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