Pigilan ang Pamilyang Marcos sa Pagbubura ng Kanilang Krimen sa ating Kasaysayan


Ni Raissa Robles - Isinalin sa Pilipino ni Cha Coronel Datu - Magandang umaga. Bago ako magsimula, meron muna akong isang kuwento sa inyo. Dito sa building na ito, una kong nakilala si Imee Marcos. Siya ang gumanap noon na pangunahing aktor sa tagalog na bersyon ng isang dulang may pamagat sa Ingles na "Animal Farm". Si Professor Jonas Sebastian ang direktor. At ako naman ang Stage Manager. Naaalala ko na kinailangang baguhin ni Jonas ang ilang linyang bibigkasin ni Imee sa dulang ito kasi may pagkakahawig ang buod nito sa mga tunay na nangyayari sa ating bansa noong mga panahong iyon. Tungkol kasi ang "Animal Farm" sa isang rebolusyong nadiskaril. Nagkataon naman noon, yun din ang nangyayari sa tinatawag ni Marcos na "Revolution from the Center". Unti-unti na ring nadidiskaril noon.

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Thank you Philippine Daily Inquirer for mentioning my Marcos piece in today’s editorial

USE THIS - 2016 Elections UPDATES June 8-15

By Raïssa Robles - Just a quick note. In today's Philippine Daily Inquirer editorial entitled "Instructive picture", my South China Morning Post piece on Senator Bongbong Marcos was mentioned.

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The dark side of Jejomar Binay

Just my opinion by Raïssa Robles - The human rights lawyer and 2016 presidential candidate Jejomar Binay wants Filipinos to "move on" from crying out against the injustice and atrocities committed by the Marcos dictatorship, because he said, anyway, Marcos is dead. No member of the family - three of whom were also government officials during the dictatorship - has apologized for ANYTHING. Not the abuses. Not the plunder. Nothing. As someone on Facebook said, Anakin has completely gone over to the dark side.

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Plunder a la king and other yummy Marcos dishes 

To remember the most famous celebrant this September – Ferdinand Edralin “William Saunders” & "Fred" Marcos – and his declaration of Martial Law, I asked my hubby Alan to whip up some recipes since he's a wizard in the kitchen. Alan obliged and came up with four dishes. I said “more”. And he came up with another one. Here they are:

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Clooney case for GMA could backfire, says New York-based human rights lawyer

By Raïssa Robles - The unprecedented case filed by Amal Clooney for Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo could backfire on the detained ex-President, according to the director of the Reparative Justice Programme of the International Centre for Transitional Justice in New York.

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Martial Law in brief – just kidding

In celebration of the People Power anniversary, which many people seem to have swept aside because of the standoff in Sabah, my hubby Alan wrote the following humor column. It’s nostalgic for him in a way because he began writing humor columns during the dark days of Martial Law, when laughing about the dictatorship was the only way to ease […]

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Tortured Art: Martial Law detainees sketch out their pain and defiance


  By Raïssa Robles Here are drawings made by Martial Law detainees which I managed to hold on to all these years. I knew then that if these had been found in my possession, I would have been jailed, too. But I managed to hide them because I felt, somehow, they should one day see the light. That day is […]

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A friend’s text message convinced PNoy not to bury dictator Marcos at Libingan

Text message Rosales

  My exclusive  By Raïssa Robles   It was a short mobile text message consisting of only nine letters that convinced President Benigno Aquino III NOT to bury the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos at Libingan ng mga Bayani, two sources confirmed to me separately. The text message was sent to PNoy’s  mobile phone so you can see how close he […]

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