Breaking News – Vietnam joins Philippines in arbitration court over the South China Sea

Vietnam has suddenly joined the Philippines in arbitration court to contest China's claim over nearly all of South China Sea. The Philippines has been long wooing Vietnam to do just this. Perhaps China's aggressive action this year made Hanoi finally make up its mind to join the international suit against its former colonial master China.

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An Obama tale too delicious not to tell


The state dinner for POTUS was delicious. The guest list was something else. It was so weird that my hubby Alan just had to write it for South China Morning Post. Here is his story: Guess who came to dinner: Obama's Philippines reception featured a colourful cast - By Alan Robles

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US President Obama promised to defend Senkaku but not Spratlys

Just my opinion - By Raïssa Robles - I eagerly awaited what US President Barack Obama would say about the Philippine dispute with China over the Spratlys. I was glad to hear ABS-CBN reporter RG Cruz asked Obama the question: "Will the US defend the Philippines in case the territorial dispute with China in the West Philippine Sea or the South China Sea become an armed conflict?"

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US rejects China’s 9-dash line

“The United States for the first time has explicitly rejected the U-shaped, nine-dash line that China uses to assert sovereignty over nearly the whole South China Sea, experts say, strengthening the position of rival claimants and setting the stage for what could be an international legal showdown with Beijing,” according to journalist Parameswaran Ponnudurai.

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Is China after the Philippines’ oil & gas fields?


Exclusive By Raïssa Robles Filipinos groaning from high power bills might have good reason to be concerned about China’s claims in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea). Philippine government officials have expressed apprehension that China  may be after the oil and gas-rich areas there, including  the Sampaguita gas field recently discovered by an oil exploration firm under contract with […]

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Taiwan, Manila may yet ink deal on deportations, despite rising PH-China tension over Spratlys – analysis

  [My editor at South China Morning Post (HK) allowed me to post this article I wrote together with SCMP’s Taipei correspondnt Lawrence Chung. I am posting this is in the hope that it will contribute to discussions on this hotly debated issue.] Taipei, Manila in talks on deportations Raïssa Robles in Manila and Lawrence Chung in Taipei Taiwan has […]

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