US agrees not to bring in nukes into the Philippines

By Raissa Robles - Manila and Washington are CLOSE to signing an agreement that will see more American troops, more planes and warships but no nukes coming into the Philippines in what both sides euphemistically call “expanded military presence.” Today, after the eighth round of talks – a far cry from the acrimonious talks that were held in the 1990s to renew the presence of US military bases – both sides agreed to “key points.”

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Godspeed, General Dan Lucero

I’ve just heard from GMA News reporter Maki Pulido that one of the good guys in the military is gone. She said Brigadier General Dan Lucero had either a heart attack or a scuba diving accident died after experiencing dizziness after scuba diving this afternoon at about 3 PM 1:55 PM. To find out more about the circumstance of his […]

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What would an ‘All-Out War’ in Mindanao cost us?

All-Out War bullets

  By Raïssa Robles   “The government has captured the hive but the angry bees have escaped and are regrouping to attack.” A Moro National Liberation Front official said right after the fall of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front’s Camp Abubakar following President Joseph Estrada’s  All-Out War in 2000 To get an estimate of the costs, let’s look at the […]

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“Alabang Boys” acquitted – Are you surprised?


  By Raïssa Robles Don’t be. According to a study on the Philippine drug situation by the US State Department: Out of 13,667 drug cases filed from 2003 to 2007, only 4,790 led to convictions (mostly cases of simple possession). The rest were either acquitted or dismissed. Much more than today’s acquittal is at stake here. The acquittal is a […]

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Rebellious navy officer earlier met with forces associated with Gloria Arroyo

Coup navy 2 July 18-11

  Destab is meant to derail Arroyo’s plunder cases  My exclusive By Raissa Robles Navy Colonel Generoso Mariano, who called for President Benigno Aquino’s ouster in a video, met with people associated with former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, according to Presidential Communications Strategy Secretary Ricky Carandang. Ordinarily, I try not to disturb sources on Sundays but yesterday I felt justified in […]

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