Vicente Paterno’s autobiography minces no words about corruption, GMA etcetera

By Raïssa Robles - Vicente Paterno's autobiography minces no words about corruption, GMA etcetera I am honored to attend the launching of his autobiography tomorrow. And I urge you to read it. His former chief-of-staff Kathy Moran gave me an advanced glimpse of his memoirs published by Anvil.

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SEC Chair wants power to kill fraudulent firms & jail erring officers


By Raïssa Robles - On the day I gave my testimony before the Senate Blue Ribbon sub-committee my seat mate during the hearing was a very pleasant but tough-talking lady: Security and Exchange Commissions Chair Teresita Herbosa. During the hearing, we exchanged reactions to what we were hearing from the other "resource persons" who had been summoned like us to testify that day, October 30.

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Why bloggers, reporters need to be cautious when publishing blind items

My reply to Prof. Oscar Franklin Tan's question on libel by Raïssa Robles - Be very cautious when publishing blind items about individuals, I recently told journalism students in Cebu. Because "if you later write a piece that gives the identity of that person away you can be sued. Because under Philippine law, one can be sued for libel based on your body of works and not just on one piece," I said. I did not expect a prominent graduate of Harvard Law school to comment on this particular phrase

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An Obama tale too delicious not to tell


The state dinner for POTUS was delicious. The guest list was something else. It was so weird that my hubby Alan just had to write it for South China Morning Post. Here is his story: Guess who came to dinner: Obama's Philippines reception featured a colourful cast - By Alan Robles

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Sen. Bong Revilla’s privilege speech disclosing his meeting with PNoy

Mr. President, I rise on a matter of personal privilege. Bago po ako magsimula, gusto ko pong ipaabot sa ating mga kababayan na tayo ay nakikiisa sa national day of prayer na naglalayong ipanalangin ang mga sinapit ng bansa sa nakaraang taon, lalo na ang pinsalang idinulot ng bagyong Yolanda sa kabisayaan, lindol sa Bohol at Cebu at ang giyera […]

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Janet Napoles’ alleged giant JLN Corporation paid less taxes than a public school teacher


Exclusive By Raïssa Robles Listening to Janet Lim-Napoles and her lawyers talk, you would get the impression she is the very busy head of a highly diversified conglomerate with overseas operations. Yet records show that from 2009 to 2011, her flagship firm JLN Corporation paid less in yearly taxes than a public school teacher earning P21,500 a month. Such a […]

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Senator Miriam Santiago reveals for first time how much senators really get

I’m reprinting below the entire speech of Senator Santiago. I agree with her disclosures and recommendations. How about a petition for Senator Santiago to be appointed head of the Senate Ethics Committee, which NO ONE really wants to chair? Senator Alan Peter Cayetano was a GROSS disappointment in that post. He said he would investigate the allegations of plagiarism against […]

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