Corona Impeachment Trial – My Stories

Now that it’s  Chief Justice Renato Corona’s turn to present his own defense, I realized that my previous stories could serve as Guide Posts for those who are new in Our Plaza Miranda. Or who may want to be reminded of what to keep tabs on.

The following are stories I broke in the Philippine media:

This exclusive piece details for the first time that CJ Corona borrowed millions from a “dead” corporation

CJ Corona’s P11M ‘cash advance’

This exclusive piece documents for the first time how an uncle of Corona’s wife tried to stop his 2001 appointment to the Supreme Court but no one believed him:

Relative warned JBC in 2001:Corona could bring “disrepute” to SC

This piece details for the first time Corona’s huge discount for his luxury penthouse:

Realty broker: Corona’s posh condo “a steal” at P14 million

This exclusive piece discusses for the first time how Corona himself calculates and defines ill-gotten wealth:

From his own mouth:
CJ Corona’s guidelines in the use of SALNs & ITRs to prove ill-gotten wealth

This exclusive piece shows for the first time why discrepancies between Corona’s SALNs and actual wealth could not have been unintentional mistakes on his part:

Corona’s “not intentional” mistakes in his SALNs

This exclusive piece posts for the first time the affidavit of 83-year-old Pedro Aguilon who claimed Chief Justice Corona once poked a gun at him

Even the dead blame Corona

These two exclusive pieces look for the first time into the tax angle of Corona’s Bellagio condo

CJ Corona’s condo is fully paid up, tax official confirms

BIR official: More taxes can be slapped on CJ Corona’s luxury condo if selling price was ‘under-declared’

This exclusive piece details for the first time how the Corona-led Supreme Court has actually affirmed the conviction and jailing of two SALN cheats:

Corona-led Supreme Court OK’d jail for 2 SALN cheats

This exclusive piece reveals for the first time that Corona himself was told by World Bank officials about some fund diversions:

Chief Justice Corona personally met with World Bank officials, bank documents show

This exclusive piece questions the extent of the bank secrecy law on dollars stashed in local banks:

Does the bank secrecy law really protect ALL of Corona’s dollars?

Since CJ Corona’s wife, Cristina, may yet testify in her husband’s trial, the following stories may give you some background on her:

CJ Corona’s SALNs only declared his wife was in government post in 2007

Was CJ Corona’s wife exempted from filing her SALNs from 2003 to 2006?

Cash gifts & car plans – COA report shows what Corona’s wife did as a GMA appointee

Ex-CSC Chair David questions Corona’s SALN non-disclosures on his wife

Corona through Corona’s eyes

The following stories have to do with efforts to frame me as the “Little Lady” who handed Corona’s bank documents to the prosecution; and how I became part of the story:

I become part of the Corona story

My letter sent to the prosecution panel

South China Morning Post (HK) writes about plot to smear me

Ninez seems to know better than me where my body was

One other person had access to CJ Corona’s bank records

 The other players in the Corona impeachment trial:

Since I started blogging in earnest last year, this piece has gotten the most number of comments – over 1,000 to date:

Justice Cuevas took part in a coup attempt against Pres. Cory Aquino

This exclusive piece looks for the first time at Senator-Judge Miriam Santiago’s appointment to the International Criminal Court amid the impeachment trial:

Judge Miriam skips ICC oath-taking as Asia’s first woman judge for Corona trial

This piece looks at another Senator-Judge – Joker Arroyo

Is Senator-judge Joker Arroyo joking?

Two justices & Fr. Bernas to testify for CJ Corona

Cong. Teddy Casiño bares SALN; Will all the rest please follow

This piece looks at the informal links between Corona and three senator-judges:

CJ Corona swore into office three senator-judges; GMA swore in one

This piece looks for the first time at the background of Corona’s main defense lawyer:

Corona’s lawyer Cuevas also issued watchlist orders as justice secretary

A look at the only other impeachment trial in our history:

How the scent of a woman helped undo Estrada’s presidency

Other stories touching on the impeachment trial:

This piece touches on how the impeachment will affect political stability:
2012 Political Forecast:“Something unexpected” in the Year of the Black Water Dragon

Jokes and Corona’s impeachment trial