Binay told me in 2010 he had bought – not leased – the land for his piggery

Listen to my taped interview with VP Binay about his properties, his guns, his being perceived a warlord, his plunder cases and about coffins - Exclusive by Raïssa Robles - Reacting to allegations raised in the Senate hearings, Vice-President Jejomar Binay says he has never owned any of the land he used for his pig farm. This is the exact opposite of what he told me on June 29. 2010 in a one-on-one interview with him for South China Morning Post, the Hong Kong newspaper I write for.

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Why bloggers, reporters need to be cautious when publishing blind items

My reply to Prof. Oscar Franklin Tan's question on libel by Raïssa Robles - Be very cautious when publishing blind items about individuals, I recently told journalism students in Cebu. Because "if you later write a piece that gives the identity of that person away you can be sued. Because under Philippine law, one can be sued for libel based on your body of works and not just on one piece," I said. I did not expect a prominent graduate of Harvard Law school to comment on this particular phrase

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Thank you readers, for sharing my Ph Daily Inquirer piece on the Marcoses 11,500 times

Just my opinion By Raïssa Robles I had not expected this. I thought few would be interested in reading about the Marcoses at a time when the Binays are the hot topic. To all those who shared and read my piece, I would like to thank them all. One thing the Internet has done for writers is to give us almost instant reader feedback. Until I started this blog, I had been used to writing in isolation. But as I said, I wasn't expecting that many people to read it. I thought it would be treated as just a period piece to mark a dark anniversary.

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Thank you, Letty Magsanoc for asking me to write on the Marcoses for the Inquirer

Si Marahas at Mapurot

Out of the blue, Fe Zamora texted me last Sunday. Philippine Daily Inquirer editor-in-chief Letty Jimenez-Magsanoc wanted me to write a piece on the Marcoses. Could I make the tight deadline? Sure, I said. Because it was a chance to share with the non-digital audience my research and interviews on the Marcos era. The result was a 2,487-word piece that appeared today in the newspaper edition and on the Inquirer website.

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Binay suffers 24.39% drop in two months; Roxas rating doubles

Analysis by Raissa Robles - Vice President Jejomar Binay has something to seriously worry about. In a matter of two months - and with elections still 19 months away - his ratings in the Pulse Asia survey on "Presidential Preference" have dropped by 24.39% - or by 10 percentage points from 41% last June to 31% this month of September. While that of Interior and Local Governments Secretary Mar Roxas, his perceived rival, doubled in the same period - from 7% to 13%. Only 18 percentage points separate Binay and Roxas in the Pulse Asia surveys.

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News commentaries, libel suits and Cebu


By Raïssa Robles - This is the draft of the lecture I delivered during last week's "Reaching Out to Future Journalists forum" held by Sunstar publication at San Carlos University in Cebu City. I have a confession to make. I have turned down many invitations to speak before many forums because I believe a journalist is best read than heard. However, this was one invite I felt I had to accept because of the audience and the topic. I was not disappointed. In that packed hall, I believe, will come some of our future journalists who will make a difference. They came and they listened, even though I'm not a celebrity, but just a blogger and a journo in the trenches :)

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Ex-Foreign Secretary Romulo asks me about Binay’s kitchen

On my way to Cebu, former Foreign Secretary Alberto Romulo spotted me at the airport terminal and nodded me over. The first thing he asked me was – were you the one who wrote about Binay’s kitchen? Intrigued, I said yes. And he said, “I can’t afford that kind of kitchen.” He said other things but I’m not allowed to […]

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National Police Commission official asks netizens to do a very dangerous thing


By Raïssa Robles Today I heard National Police Commission vice chairman Eduardo Escueta ask netizens to please snap photos of ongoing crimes or suspicious activities and post these on the Internet. This was after the photo below was posted online and went "viral". It resulted in the arrest of two cops whom Napolcom suspected to be among the nine policemen behind the highway robbery that a stranger happened to snap. Now the Napolcom - the police force' disciplinary agency - wants netizens to help fight crime. This is very dangerous...

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