Commuters suffer

Mobility  by Alan C. Robles If only somebody could arrange for famed boxer Manny Pacquiao to fight a world championship bout everyday. Or if only Good Friday could be made to happen every week. Then Metro Manila’s traffic problems would be solved, with streets empty because people would either be indoors watching the fight, or out of town on holiday. […]

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Catholic Church in the Philippines turns openly political to crush RH Law

For the Catholic Church, the elections this May is only about one issue – the Reproductive Health Law. It is openly endorsing senatorial candidates who they think will repeal this law and conducting a negative campaign against those who had approved the law or now openly back it. To contribute to the raging political discussion on this issue, I would […]

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Disputed rocks


I am posting below my hubby Alan’s article on the West Philippine Sea conflict that was published last month in D+C, the monthly magazine funded by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. I would also like to thank the magazine for allowing me to post it. The international community needs binding rules on the use of the sea and […]

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