US President Obama promised to defend Senkaku but not Spratlys

Just my opinion - By Raïssa Robles - I eagerly awaited what US President Barack Obama would say about the Philippine dispute with China over the Spratlys. I was glad to hear ABS-CBN reporter RG Cruz asked Obama the question: "Will the US defend the Philippines in case the territorial dispute with China in the West Philippine Sea or the South China Sea become an armed conflict?"

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Why the Philippines will bring the South China Sea conflict to the UN

The Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs has just released the following to explain to Filipinos its actions on the South China Sea (West Philippine Sea) conflict. To the Philippines, “China is a good friend. Arbitration is a peaceful and amicable process to settle a dispute between and among friends. “ Q & A on the UNCLOS Arbitral Proceedings against China to […]

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Disputed rocks


I am posting below my hubby Alan’s article on the West Philippine Sea conflict that was published last month in D+C, the monthly magazine funded by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. I would also like to thank the magazine for allowing me to post it. The international community needs binding rules on the use of the sea and […]

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